Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And this is how September 11th was in my world.

At my work today it was very busy...I suspect that many people had asked for the day off work. It was the worst day I have EVER had at the this job...and that is saying a lot. The people were extremely rude. All seemed in a hurry as they had carefully carved out this much deserved time off (being sarcastic here).

I wish that I had asked for the day off. I would have spent the day reading all the tributes. I have read tributes about each of the victims at least once.

Maybe they were given the day off in honor of September 11. Look how wisely they spent their time and wnat a great tribute it was (again, sarcasm).

If this sounds like I might be describing your behavior today....let me put it plain and are DISGUSTING.

Smiling a smile for Richard right now...he obviously gave others so many.


ThomasLB said...

I worked at Sears for almost three years, and I came to dread holidays. They always seemed to bring out the worst in people.


And this isn't even an official holiday. I truly saw the worst and most pretentious sides of people.

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