Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Grease,Your'e the One that I Want"

A new reality show that started tonight. From what I can tell it will be on every Sunday at 8/7c on NBC.

I never realized that the lyrics to "Greased Lightning" are so adult-themed. But having read about this before seeing most of the premier show tonight, I was not surprised when they bleeped certain words in the song. I just hope that uninformed viewers didn't think that the man auditioning chose to say obscenities...this is what I would have thought if I didn't know better.

I could easily see some of the auditioners in other roles...particularly the other Pink Ladies. I wouldn't necessarily see Patricia or Sunshine as Sandy....well maybe Sunshine though she doesn't have a traditional Sandy look.

And some people were just funny....particularly some of the Dannies. :-)

It was touching that one of the Dannies auditioned in memory of his brother. I am glad that he made it as far as he did. It was a good thing that you tried to do Jason & I hoped that you try for the role of Danny on some other occasion.

The Burning Love piece was enjoyable...he hit what I would think are some really difficult notes at the end.

Below is a preview of the show:

This is a casting call for someone to be in the latest Broadway production of Grease....for that reason I will be watching it. This is from the producers of "Dancing with the Stars."

I would love to see the actual production on Broadway but with our country's current political situation....I am very leery of going near New York right now. I just wouldn't feel safe. :-(

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